Spiral Light Bulbs

Spiral Light Bulbs

Energy Saving Spirals Light Bulbs  - Spiral shaped light bulbs are smaller than standard U shaped light bulbs and give an even light distribution.

The spiral shaped low energy saving light bulbs come in various sizes including Ultra Mini (the smallest), Extra Mini and mini (the largest types).

We have a wide range of energy saver spiral and micro lamps which are also available in Warm White (827 / 2700K, 830, 3000K) ,Cool White (835 / 3500K, 840 / 4000K) and Daylight White (865 / 6500K / SAD).

Our range of spiral shaped light bulbs come in Bayonet, Edison Screw, Small Edison Screw and Small Bayonet cap sizes to fit all types of fittings. This makes them great low energy saving alternatives to GLS or incandescent type lamps.

Low Energy Saving Spirals by Wattage

5W (25w Equiv), 7W (35w Equiv), 9W (40w Equiv), 11W (60w Equiv), 15W (75w Equiv), 18W (100w Equiv), 20W (100w+ Equiv), 24W (120w Equiv), 25W (120w Equiv), Greater than 25w (Greater than 120w Equiv)

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