AR111 (G53 Base)

AR111 (G53 Base)

Halogen AR111 Light Bulbs / Lamps - Dimmable AR111 (G23 Base) Lower Energy Saving Halogen Lamp.

AR111 (G53) lamps are a high performance reflector type lamp and provide high contrast, low glare lighting and are also known as Halospot 111 (By Osram) and Masterline 111 (By Philips).

AR111 Light Bulbs

This type of lighting is often used in the retail industry such as in restaurants, shops, hotels and galleries

35W (50W Equiv) AR111 (G23)  Low Energy Halogen

35W (50W Equiv) AR111 (G23) Low Energy Halogen

AR111 (G23) 12V - 35 Watt = 50 Watt Dimmable Low Energy Halogen This is a..

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